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2017/2018 Season Award Winners

Winning awards from Mitchell Skating Clubs 2017-2018 Season were,Front row: (left) Jacob Bye CanSkater of the Year, Parker Wolfe Spirit of Skating, Taylor Faust Marie Wolfe memorial award, Brayden Hicks Most Improved Junior Skater, Laina Berendsen Most Improved Starskater,Justin Coulton Most Improved beginner, Kora Smith Helper of the Year, Reina Nevin Spirit of Skating, Noah Mann Most Improved CanPower and Owen Lambley most Improved Pre-Power.Presenters in the back include Kristin Schoonderwoerd and Wayne Wolfe presenting the Marie Wolfe Memorial Award, Cindy and Addison McIver of McIver Enterprises, Carol McLure of Bank of Montreal and Gus Eyers of The Stickhandler. Cooper Standard also sponsored an award. 

2017/2018 Mini Showcase

Bentley Ward (left) and Donovan mace dressed as cowboys
Andy Bader/Mitchell Advocate

Reid Carnochan was dressed as a hamburger during his stint on the ice. 

Andy Bader/Mitchell Advocate

Levi Bleck as a junior firefighter 
Andy Bader/Mitchell Advocate