If you have signed up to do FUNDRAISING for your Bond Requirement with the Mitchell Skating Club.

Just in time for Christmas!!!! Our first fundraiser will be RHEO THOMPSONS MINT SMOOTHIES!!!

How it works:

Please pick up a bag of 10 mint smoothies on Monday Nov 12 (5PM-8PM) or Friday Nov 16 (5PM-7PM) during skating hours.

Must provide payment of $20 (cash preferred) to pick up the bag.

Sell, Sell, Sell or eat, whichever you chose but you keep the money from the sales.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE THEN THE MINIMUM 1 BAG (10 Mint Smoothies) Please let us know by emailing Mitchell Skating Fundraising no later then Monday, October 29th.

Just a reminder — please make sure you get your bond form signed when you pick up your mint smoothies – there was an email sent out earlier with all the information and the bond form was attached to that email.

Thank you for your support of the Mitchell Skating Club!