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Our Coaches


Jennifer has been a head coach of the Mitchell Skating Club since 2015. She started skating with the club at the age of 2 years old. During her skating career she has trained 4 years with the Mariposa Club in Barrie ON. Jennifer succeeded as a triple gold medalist in Free skate, Dance and Figures (which is now known as skills). She has competed at a Junior competitive level and also has her Senior competitive test complete. Jennifer has been coaching for 20 years with her Level 2 certification. Off the ice Jennifer enjoys hunting,fishing,camping and spending time with family.


Katrina skated competitively through to an concluding her final season in Junior Ladies and has skated at both the Provincial and National level. SH has successfully completed gold tests in 4 categories; Singles, Dance, Interpretive and Skills. Throughout her skating career Katrina has competed in synchro and ice dance competitively at the national level. Katrina loves her role as a coach and sharing her love of the ice with her students. Outside of the rink she works as a Developmental Service Worker and brings a wealth of skills into the arena that draws the best out of each students learning experience.


Tina Burnett is a certified Primary STARSkate Coach and certified CANSkate Coach. This will be Tina’s 7th year coaching figure skating (3 of which were with Mitchell FSC!). She coaches all skating disciplines; FreeSkate, Skills and Dance from the Preliminary to Gold levels as well as the CanSkate programs. As a skater, Tina was a triple Gold skater, reaching Gold levels in Skating Skills, Interpretive, and Dance and reached Sr. Silver in FreeSkate. She has also been successful competing at a national level, with the London synchronized skating team. Other than skating, Tina lives in Listowel with her husband and two daughters and is a Kindergarten educator at St. Mary’s School.


Trudy Field is certified as a Provincial STARSkate, CanPowerSkate, and CANSkate Coach. Trudy has been coaching skating for approximately eighteen years in a number of clubs. She currently coaches in Monkton, Milverton, Wellesley, and Mitchell.  She coaches all skating disciplines; FreeSkate, Skills and Dance from the Preliminary to Gold levels as well as the CanSkate and  CanPowerSkate programs. As a skater, Trudy reached Gold levels in Skating Skills and Dance, and Jr. Silver in FreeSkate. Trudy lives in Wellesley with her husband and two children.  She loves to see those ‘a-ha’ moments when a skater has mastered a skill and feels a sense of pride and achievement.