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Bond Information

The Mitchell Skating Club has a VOLUNTEER & FUNDRAISING BOND Fee of $100.

This Bond fee can be waived if you complete the following Bond Requirements:

  1. Participate in our Volunteer Events OR
  2. Participate in our Fundraising Events

Click here for information in regards to our Volunteer Events and Fundraising Events

You will receive an email when it is time for you to either do your volunteer or fundraising work.

Please ensure you are checking for this email as it is your responsibility to complete your bond requirements in order for us to NOT cash your bond cheque.

Once you have completed your requirements have your Bond Form completed and signed by an Executive member, you may return your bond form into the Mitchell Skating Club box located in the arena lobby. 

BOND forms must be handed in by March 6th, 2020. 

There is one bond requirement PER FAMILY.

Copy of Bond Form available to print click here